L1 Interview questions

Save a copy of the confirmation page with the barcode in a safe place, as you will need to present the page during all phases of the application process. Without the confirmation page, your visa may not be able to be processed. Once you begin filing out the DS-160 online, the website will time-out or expire within 20 minutes. In order to save your progress, you must click on the page and record your Application ID Number and/or save your application to a file on your computer.
On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other US visas as well as ways to immigrate to other countries. In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes.
l-1b visa is very important to know qualifications, job titles at various levels who may report to you in the destination organization. Provide as many details as possible like all are computer science graduates some xxxx college and holding software development engineering titles in various levels. Always be on top of the information on your destination organization. And more importantly, definitely know who is the founder of your destination organization. You can schedule a consultation with us on Skype, over the phone, or in person by using our “Online Consultation” form. We cover bringing domestic workers of L1 beneficiaries on B1 visas in a separate article.
Sent to the actual VI counter, seemingly nice person, interview started with asking the petitioner. But then the VO asked if my ofc was done today, and hence the application wasn’t in the system. H1B VisaThe H1B visa is a nonimmigrant, employment-based visa that is granted to an eligible temporary worker. Green CardA green card gives you the status of a permanent resident along with legal rights to work in the USA. Tell the immigration officer all the details about your roles and responsibilities once you are transferred to the US office.
Usually, the info in the slot booking telegram group will be helpful for booking. When slots were open for me, it wasn’t open for other people and vice versa and this is a common occurrence. I also personally recommend not booking place holder slots since every booking is valuable and we have only limited tries for re-scheduling. To secure a slot for the visa interview, we tried from February and secured a date sometime during Mid May. I opted for Kolkata consulate since that is also my home-center.